by Rainbow Rowell

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Cather and Wren are twins going to college. Cath is hurt when Wren doesn't want to room with her and she ends up with Reagan as her roommate.  They have nothing in common and Reagan is never home but her weird friend Levi is always hanging around. Cath is having a hard time adjusting and unbelievably eats energy bars for 6 weeks because she doesn't know where the cafeteria is and she won’t ask anyone for help. Cath is pretty famous online for her fan fiction. She writes about Simon Snow, an overdone and tired Harry Potterish like magician. Cath would rather hide in her room and write than join her college life. In the end, Cath falls in love, deals with her dad and Wren’s problems, and gets her writing published.  I listened to this book on cd, and it might have affected my experience of the story.  I don’t know if it was the reader, or the character, but I found Cath to be irritatingly whiny and the completely skippable fan fiction sections interrupted the flow of the story without offering any value to it.  I know everyone loved this book, but I hope Cath’s coming of age story as a scared, simpering avoider who reluctantly embraces life, is not the experience of most college bound women of today. One positive? The evil in the Simon Snow books is called the insidious humdrum.  Brilliant!


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