by Alysia Abbott

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Steve Abbott was a leading figure in the 1980s poetry scene, creating publications and organizing a community of poets including my personal favorites Judy Grahn and Robert Gluck. His passion for writing, building a community, and search for love meant he was not always present for his daughter. Part love story, part reckoning, Alyisa Abbott recalls her life growing up with a single father and her own shame in sometimes not loving nor understanding her father and the world they shared. She recalls San Francisco during Anita Bryant's campaign, the murder of Harvey Milk and the onset of AIDS which would later claim her father. "We were not able to transcend our fleshy selves but were, in fact, slaves to these bodies and their tragic fragility." And in the end, she notes her life and that of her father's is not just their story but part of a larger history..."our queer history."

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