by Mindy Kaling

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What a fun listen!  I had such a great time being entertained by the observations Mindy Kaling makes in her first book, which is a collection of short stories, lists, and advice.  For the audio version, she reads the material herself (along with a couple guest actors to make dialog clear), adding to the experience and emphasizing her comedic style, although the listener misses out on a few photographs and the graphic design in the print copy.

Mindy Kaling, known for writing and acting in The Mindy Project and The Office, is both an extraordinarily successful AND normal woman.  Like her television work,  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is full of laugh-out-loud moments and comments that almost go too far.  In a good way.  She makes you want to be her best friend.

There are moments, however, in which Kaling is blatantly unaware of her very good luck in show business, which detracts from the mood of her stories.  I am not saying that I don't think she works hard or is undeserving, but it was distracting for me when she neglected to acknowledge that she has actually been rather fortunate.

In the end, I enjoyed the book more than I had reservations.  I'm looking forward to her next endeavor and the next season of The Mindy Project.

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