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"The English Teacher" is so terrible because it starts, and even ends, in such a cute way, so full of quirky potential, but flails around in the middle with more stupid mistakes no one wants to take responsibility for than should ever be allowed in a mere 93 minutes.

Julianne Moore plays the titular English teacher, Linda Sinclair, an unmarried 40-year-old who prefers the predictable world of books and literature to the messy reality of life. She's perfectly content with her lot until she reunites with a former student, Jason Sherwood (Michael Angarano), home from a failed attempt at being a playwright in New York. Ever eager to help, Linda offers to read his play and give feedback on it, but winds up pressuring everyone around her to put it on as her high school's next play, despite the fact that the administration thinks it is inappropriate and Jason himself has doubts.

What follows is lies, affairs, freak outs, petty jealousy, and misplaced histrionics only bearable because of their ridiculous comic tone. Did I mention all of the above come from a woman who has read enough, if not lived enough, to recognize what's going on and therefore know better?

I would save this one for days when there is absolutely nothing else to do.

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I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer who said the movie is terrible. I found it entertaining. Yes, the teacher makes mistakes, but that's true in most films and books. It does irritate me when people do dumb things, but then a movie about people who always exercise good judgment would be pretty boring.

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