by Daniel Silva

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Typically Silva is a great spy thriller writer with an incredibly competent Israeli hero who also happens to be an expert art restorer. We get pieces of that here, but the plot has holes in it to drive a truck through. None of the suspense happens and this reader saw from the first ten pages what the big twist was going to be. When a KGB spy forgets to check the bathroom of a house she is clearing out leaving our hero Gabriel undiscovered and when no KGB agents ever trail him or his compadres from their well known usual haunts it becomes drearily implausible.  None of the characters are anything like the people we see around us every day. They're more beautiful, more deadly, more sensitive, etc.Even moments that could have been suspenseful lack that adrenaline buzz.  Ari Shamron, the retired head of Israeli intelligence, wants Gabriel to be the next incumbent of that office, and as far as I can tell, the entire purpose of this book is to move him into position to take that role. So the series can go on. Amen. 

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