by Jason Vanhee

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Mama has died and Merciful knows that the proper thing to do is bury her, but that’s not possible with a blizzard blowing and the ground frozen solid. Her brother, Gospel, thinks leaving her body in the cellar will have to do for now. The Minister, a “made creature” the dispenses religious advise, is upset by this disrespect, maybe even scared. Merciful has never seen the Minister scared before. But he may have good reason. Merciful is certain her Mama is still moving about, despite being dead, and in the silence she swears she can still hear her singing. Trapped in the small cabin with a blizzard blowing harder than anyone can remember and a strange and dangerous fog creeping ever closer, Merciful and Gospel must face their fear to save themselves, and maybe the whole world.

A bone-chilling tale full of secrets and mysteries that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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