by Kiersten White

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Endlessly is author Kiersten White's final book in the Paranormalcy Series about Evie, part-time stereotypical girl teen, part-time paranormal super girl. It's the story of a teenage girl with who likes cute boys, the color pink, and TV dramas like anyone else, but she's set apart by her ability to see through the "glamours" of supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, faeries, water spirits, and shape-shifters) which allow humans to think that these creatures are also humans. This skill leads her into questioning everything she's ever known, a whirlwind romance, and the responsibility of saving the paranormal race (several times). 

I ate up the whole series in just a little over a week due to the witty dialog, intriguing characters and fantastical adventure that made me incapable of setting it down.  That being said, I think Endlessly was my least favorite of the series. The boundless confidence of Evie and her snappy, rapid-fire exchanges with the other characters, which initially give the series its delightful flavor, eventually began to grind my nerves by Book 3. Situations couldn't be resolved without hysterical teen over-reaction and everyone threatening to mutilate one another. The story meandered a bit for my liking and left me feeling tired by the multiple climaxes which failed to serve as stepping stones for an incredible finale. 

Overall, though, I thought the book was good and series very good. I'd recommend it to any young adults or adults who enjoy fantasy fiction but want to break out of the vampire/zombie protagonist cycle. 

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