by Frank Brady

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This book started off great. It began with Bobby's beginnings in chess and his childhood, and how his voracious appetite for all things chess grew. It touches on his family life, and his tendency towards being bullheaded to get his way. The thing I liked the best was during the periods where he was playing matches against Soviet chess grandmasters it feels like the fate of the world hangs in the balance. It was disappointing when the author skips over a period in the 60's when Bobby stopped playing chess. During his "retirement" in the mid-70's through to the early 90's it talks a little about what Bobby did during this time and how he became poisoned against the world, seeing everything as a Jewish and later American government conspiracy against him. The last quarter of the book is focused on Bobby's life after the last public match he played in Yugoslavia in 1992. With how fast and interesting the first part of the book was, this part seemed to drag on too long. It mostly deals with how his delusional, hate filled rhetoric cost him friends and the support of his government and fans.

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