by Orson Scott Card

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This book is amazing. I have read this book more times than i can remember and will reread the first three books in this series about every other year. If you have not yet discovered the awesome amazingness that is the Enderverse yet then hold onto your pants and get reading.

Ender's game takes place after the first Formic War, the Buggers have attacked Earth in an attempt to terraform it, problem is they didn't realize humans were intelligent. Ender is part of a group of highly intelligent children who are being trained and formed into the perfect soldiers and commanders so that we can take the fight to the Buggers' home worlds. Intense and thought provoking Ender's Game is in a class of it's own.

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"Remember......the enemys gate is down."

I recently wrote a literary thesis about Enders Game for my English class.Emily is correct to recommend this book, but the manipulation of the children and the depictions of their violent adult behavior left me with a feeling of ickiness.I was most fascinated with the sparring between peter and his sister.This novel reminded me of Lord Of The Flies set in space.

I read this book when I was 15 years old. I'm now 36. One of my friends young 13 year old son told me he was reading Enders Game and it was the best book he's ever read. This book totally stands the tests of time. My first scifi book and one of the best ever written. Totally awesome read.

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