by Jung Chang

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After seeing a reference in another book to someone named "Cixi", I couldn't help but look her up, admittedly mostly just to find out how to pronounce such a tricky word (turns out it's Tzu-hsi​), but I was then excited to learn that she was arguably the most influential woman of the nineteenth century in China - my pet historical area.

This book was a thrilling find and did not let me down in my goal to learn about this intriguing, powerful woman. This highly researched, in-depth work told the story of the an imperial concubine who used her intelligence and knack for diplomacy to establish herself as the leader of China who led her country into its modern era. The book is based on the journals of many Chinese and European officials who worked with Cixi as well as official royal documents so the author was able to compare some erroneous legends about the Empress with actual facts.

Love, honor, duty, war, power - every element necessary for an epic saga is present in this true story of a woman fighting against all odds to save her country and set the precedent for greater women's rights in China.

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