by Tom Rath

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In this book, Rath recognizes the unhealthy state  of our country and attempts to suggest simple, yet impactful steps toward greater health and happiness.  As the title suggests, everything revolves around eating right, moving more, and sleeping better.  Rath does an excellent job of cutting through the need for fad diets and extreme exercise regimens to focus on manageable lifestyle shifts based on research. 

My only problem with the book was the degree of repetitiveness.  If it had been written in a more straight forward manner, it could've been shorter and more concise.  Instead, it's written as 30 short chapters, each including a suggestions on each of the three core elements, to fit into a 30 day plan that the reader can create.  It's a format that might work well for some people, but was more frustrating than helpful for me.  Regardless, I was able to consistently find applicable suggestions that could be implemented immediately and without extra resources.  Although I'm sure it's oversimplified, I'm thankful that Rath took the time to demystify a subject that feels like it's in perpetual contradiction with every health news headline.

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Your review motivated me to place a hold for a copy. Thank you!

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