by Kenny Shopsin

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This book was recommended to me when I wrote about chef memoirs earlier this year, and I really enjoyed it. A combination of history--Shopsin's evolution from grocer to restaurant owner; food and customer service philosophy, and recipes, with pictures and art and a reproduction of the 300+ item menu at his former restaurant (as well as an explanation of how he was able to get almost any menu item out in 5 minutes or less), this book was a fast, funny read. Shopsin's emphasis on family ties and relationships with customers really shines through. This isn't a book about fancy food or hard to get ingredients--it's about food that you can cook at home and that simply satisfies. I think I'll be trying the coconut rice.

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I also really enjoyed this! Thanks for reminding me of it.

I really need to take this home and try it out! The coconut rice sounds amazing, and here's a fun blog/video on the mac n cheese pancakes from Eat Me.

Well, now I have to try THOSE, too! Thanks!!

There's also a great video about Shopsin called I like killing Flies.

I just came across this last week & brought it home--haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing Shopsin in action!

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