by A. S. (Amy Sarig) King

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A swashbuckling tale of pirates, treasure, and reincarnation! This book takes you from a seventeenth century war-torn Ireland to the glory days of the pirates of the Caribbean to modern day Pennsylvania and Jamaica. Emer Morrisey lost her whole family when Ireland was invaded. Sold to a Frenchman for a life that she does NOT want in Paris, she escapes to the island of Tortuga, only to find that there aren't many options for women in the Caribbean, either. She eventually becomes a respected pirate captain, raiding ships while still pining for Seanie, her one true love from Ireland. As she collects more and more loot, people start looking for Emer, and eventually, her time as a pirate—and her life—are over. As she lays dying, she is cursed to be reincarnated as a dog 100 times before returning again as a human girl in the United Sates in 1972. She still has all her memories—from her time as a pirate, and her time as 100 dogs. Emer is now Saffron, and is determined to make it back to Jamaica and reclaim the treasure she buried centuries ago.

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