by Jude Deveraux

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Claire Willoughby is an America heiress, who is must marry well in order to recive her inheritance. She meets and is quickly engaged to Harry the  eleventh Duke of MacArran. Harry brings Claire and her lazy and ignorant parents to Bramley house to live until the wedding. Claire is in love with all things Scottish and it is her heritage as well, but she wants nothing more than to marry a Duke of Scotland. Claire knows more about Harry’s family than he does. She feels like she is falling in love with Harry, however she is extremely bored with the lifestyle of Bramely house. Harry often leaves and doesn’t return for days at a time, leaving Claire to herself. By chance, Claire meets Trevelyan a mysterious man who has ties to Harry and his family. The more time she spends with Trevelyan, the more she questions her engagement to Harry and the lifestyle she thinks she wants. Be prepared for a page turner, and a thrilling romantic tale.

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