by David Sedaris

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If you are a huge David Sedaris fan (like me) and have read all of his published work, I highly recommend checking out the audio recordings of his work. All of the audio versions are read by the author, and his performances add that much more humor to the pieces. I listened to Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim while driving to Santa Fe from Denver. It made the six-hour drive pass much more quickly than it would have otherwise. And even though I'd read these essays at least twice in the past, it was still laugh-out-loud funny. 

Sedaris's writing highlights the absurdity inherent in the most mundane details of everyday life. Many of the essays in this collection focus on unflattering portraits of his various family members (and oftentimes, himself). I love the way that he is not at all concerned about presenting himself in a good light. He admits to doing and thinking horrible, embarrassing, and awkward things that most of us hide. This is part of what makes his humor so approachable, and also so funny. While not my favorite Sedaris book (that honor goes to Naked), I highly recommend this work. 

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