by Alexander McCall Smith

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Angus is the Celtic god of dreams, youth and love. His father, Dagda, much like his Greek counterpart Zeus, tricked the water spirit Boann into conceiving his son and froze her husband in time until the child was conceived and eventually stolen away by Dagda. Not that Dagda wanted to raise him or had any paternal interest in him, it simply suited him to be rotten. Angus, who is fleet of foot and graceful in all things, runs with deer, and is beloved of birds who circle his head and warn him of danger. Angus is beloved by all and inspires enlightening dreams in all around him. It is easy to become enamored of Angus while envisioning him, he has the beauty of Apollo, the devishness of Mercury and the aura of Eros. Uniquely funny, tragic and rich in mythological theme, Dream Angus was a quick, delightful and whimsical read.

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