by Janet Lee Carey

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Tess has always run into the forbidden Dragonswood to escape her father's anger, but when she is spotted one day, she is accused of being a witch. After being rescued from her witch trial by a dragon, Tess must hide-out in Dragonswood, where she begins to hear the fairies calling her name. Magic has always been a part of Wilde Island, but Tess's new life brings her in touch with it more than ever before. When Tess meets a handsome woodsman, who may have stolen the king's treasure, she must balance her loyalty to her country and her heart.
What a perfect fantasy novel! The characters are great; the pacing is terrific; there are dragons and fairies, but not too focal and they make sense in the story; there is action and romance and witch-hunts and not one, but two, fathers who betray our heroine. What a terrific novel!

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