by Jack Prelutsky

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The Dragons Are Singing Tonight is a great, imaginative book of children's poems written by Jack Prelutsky.  The beautiful pictures by Peter Sis add to the enchanting effect.  Each poem features dragons, from nice dragons to nasty dragons, and from mechanical dragons to imaginary dragons.  This is a good book for children, but also for adults who still want to believe in dragons, or just want to be amused.  The awe of childhood and the vastness of the imagination comes alive in Prelutsky's poems.  The final poem "Once They All Believed In Dragons" ends, "We must make them all remember,/ In some way we must reveal/ That our spirit lives forever--/ We are dragons! We are real!"  The Dragons Are Singing Tonight serves as a reminder that at least in the pages of a book, dragons' spirits can live forever.  

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