by Holly Black

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Zach, Poppy, and Alice are best friends who share in a secret, made-up game based on collected action figures and dolls. This game is presided over by a Queen, a delicate china doll locked away in a glass cabinet. But then one night the Queen appears to Poppy in a dream, hinting of a girl whose short life ended at age 10, but who cannot find peace after the grave. And then other mysterious things begin to happen, like the china doll's eyes seeming to follow Zach around the room.

When the three friends take the doll out of the cabinet, they find a packet of ashes hidden away inside her. So they set out to locate the grave the ashes belong in, so that whoever is buried there might finally find peace. But as the three journey toward the grave, the doll seems to take on a life of her own, and they realize that the mystery they need to solve is much darker and more sinister than they first thought.

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