by David Rosenfelt

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Dogtripping is the true account of taking 25 rescued dogs across country in three RVs. For years, mystery writer David Rosenfelt and his wife lived in California, where they rescued abandoned and abused dogs. They decided to have a house built in Maine, where they could have land and their dogs wouldn't bother any neighbors, but they needed to get their current stock of canines across country. They asked for volunteers, and eleven saintly people stepped up to help.

The book is quite funny, in a shake-your-head-in-dumbfounded-amazement kind of way. I am not a dog person, but I like other people's dogs. I can't begin to imagine sharing my home and life with 25 (plus or minus) dogs at one time. But thank god for people like David Rosenfelt, because he and his wife have given many, many deserving dogs a great home.

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