by W. Bruce Cameron

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     What a wonderful story!  This story was based in Colorado.  A younger man has just broken up with his girlfriend and he doesn't really know what to do in life.  He lives in a cabin in the mountains (Evergreen) in Colorado and is a computer geek.  A neighbor brings over a pregnant dog because he needs to leave town, in a hurry, and needs someone to watch her due to her condition.   He doesn't really have a choice and he is petrified because he has never owned a dog before.  What kind of a dog care taker is he?  Does he meet any people through this experience?  Does his life change do to caring for these dogs?  All of these questions are answered within this book.  Another bonus about the audio version of this book is there is an interview with the author and why he wrote this book which was worth while listening to. 


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