by Stephen King

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This is the much-hyped sequel to King's classic The Shining, and I think even those who haven't read that story set in a haunted Colorado hotel during Danny Torrence's long, scary winter there would enjoy Doctor Sleep (honestly, I read The Shining so many years ago that I don't remember much except being scared!). Doctor Sleep is Dan Torrence, all grown up and newly sober (thanks to some lucky meetings as he drifts into a New Hampshire town and AA), working in a hospice, known for his ability to ease folks into death when their time comes. He still has the shining, psychic abilities that allow him to see and know things, a skill he's learned to control over the years. He's been communicating mind to mind with Abra, a young girl a few towns over, who has a super strong shining of her own, and who soon realizes she's going to need some help. She's been targeted by the True Knot, a roaming band of used to be humans who feed off the essences of children with the shining--and they more they torture them, the better the life giving "steam" that they get. We see the story from the perspectives of Dan, Abra, and Rose the Hat, leader of the True Knot, and the ominous tone just keeps building and building until the climax, back in Colorado, on the grounds where the Overlook Hotel used to stand. King is great with characters, and you may even feel some sympathy for the Knot, and you'll certainly not want to stop reading once the action starts. Teens who like horror will like this one, too, and there will likely be calls for a story about what happens to Abra when she grows up.

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