by Laurie Rubin

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What's it like growing up, discovering your love of music, and eventually going on to become an opera singer? Mezzo soprano Laurie Rubin shares the story of her life--music competitions, water skiing with Kenny Loggins, working with world renowned singers and composers, and trying to break into the business in New York. Does the fact that Rubin is blind change her career? Maybe not as much as you might think, or in the ways that you might imagine. Yes, some of her middle school trouble making friends was because some kids just didn't get that she had very different body language than other folks and didn't know how to respond--but some was just the nature of being in middle school and high school, and of being an outsider in other ways. Laurie shares stories from her early years, including learning Braille, how to use a cane, and getting her first guide dog, and stories from the career she has that is just beginning, including her first leading role. She also has a passion for fashion and designs jewelry. Even if you don't know much about or like opera, this story is a page turner, and you can find out more about her, and even hear her beautiful voice, on her web site,

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