by Reginald Hudlin

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This graphic novel is based on the 2012 film of the same name, Django Unchained. The book starts off with an introduction by Tarantino himself claiming this to be his complete script including scenes that had to be cut from the film due to time constraints. After reading the book I found it  basically includes only one additional scene which explains Broomhide's journey to Candyland.

The book does follow the story line of the movie and picks up right when Django and Hilde are caught after an unsuccessful escape attempt, slaves Django and his wife Broomhilda are auctioned off to separate bidders. Whereas Hildi finds herself in the clutches of Calvin Candy - a self-proclaimed Francophile who is as rich as he is evil - Django is eventually acquired by Dr. King Schultz, a dentist-turned-bounty hunter. Schultz offers Django his freedom in return for his help identifying and killing the Brittle brothers, who were employed as overseers by Django's previous owners. 

I have seen the movie and feel that the tension in the movie far outweighs the tension felt in the book. In the book it seems like some scenes are rushed and lack the build up you got from wathing the movie. This book is worth the read, and I'm very glad the characters weren't drawn in exact likenesses of the actors. The artwork overall was well done and not distracting.

This book covers some very heavy material and has strong language, I would suggest for ages 16 and up.

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