by Suzanne Weyn

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Distant Waves is historical fantasy set mainly in the Victorian spiritualist colony of Spirit Vale, New York. Jane and her four sisters have been raised by their single mother who is a medium. Jane is interested in science and becoming a journalist and is skeptical about her mother's communication with the other side, but when her younger sisters seem to have a genuine gift as psychics, Jane is torn about her feelings. Jane's whole family is invited to attend a spiritualism conference in London. Jane's mother befriends a couple of men who have premonitions about the fate of a luxury ship, Titanic, that is making its debut voyage. When it is discovered Jane's sisters are sailing aboard the Titanic, Jane's mother sends her to persuade them off the ship. Soon, Jane is trapped aboard with all of her sisters, two of whom foresee that their lives are doomed. The events that follow on the ship are suspenseful and entertaining. This is a unexpectedly fun addition to the variety of works about the Titanic.

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