by Seanan McGuire

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The first of the Incryptid series, try this book if you like your strong women armed with both throwing knives AND attitude. Verity Price comes from a family of cryptozoologists. Generations ago, they broke with the Covenant of St. George over philosophical differences (the Prices wanted to study the cryptids and live in peace, as much as possible, the Covenant...not so much). While Verity is committed to her family's mission of keeping cryptids safe and learning more about them, she is also passionate about ballroom dancing (which shares a number of skills with monster fighting, anyway). Verity is in New York, far from her family and trying to balance her secret ballroom dancer identity with her cryptid studies (not to mention her job as a cocktail waitress at Daves Fish and Strips and the family of religious mice living in her semi-legal sublet) when she starts hearing rumors about a dragon asleep under the city--and a cult trying to wake it up. Add in a hot Covenant boy with questionable motives to the mix, and you get a fun novel with lots of action, quirky characters, and plenty of quips. I'll definitely be looking for others in this series.

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