by Sarah Smiley

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When their Dad is scheduled for a one year (or longer) deployment to Africa and one of the three Smiley boys comments that he will be most missed at the family dinnertime, the Smileys decide to try inviting someone over for dinner once a week to help fill the empty space and distract them from their sadness.  The next year's worth of dinner guests run the gamut from the boys' teachers to political figures to R2D2 (yeah, how cool is that?!).  Their story is lovely, funny, heart warming (yes, I found myself shedding tears often), and amazing.  I still am in awe that Sarah Smiley was able to, on her own (but with some help from friends and family), take care of her three precocious boys, teach at the university, work on (and receive) her Masters degree, write her weekly blog and newspaper column, invite people to dinner, make and serve them dinner, and write this book.  She does a wonderful job of sharing her joys and sorrows, her uncertainty and her triumphs, and lets us take a peek into the life of a military family coping with the long term absence of a husband and a father.

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