by Erik. 1954- Larson

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The subtitle of this book has the words "murder, magic and madness".  To those I'd add "politics, ego, and intrigue".  This book is a fascinating description of what it took to pull off a major world event in a city that was viewed by many as a corrupt cow town.  Add to that the parallel story of a serial killer and the result is a great, fiction-like read.  This book may have been more fun for me to read due to several personal factors: I've got family in Chicago and went to the Fair site many times as a child; I was lucky enough to go to the New York World's Fair and was amazed by it; I know many Landscape Architects and was enthralled by the descriptions of Frederick Law Olmstead and his part in the process.

While or after reading this book, take a look at some of the books we have about the Columbian Exposition.  It's amazing to see what was built for the Fair.


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