by Blake Nelson

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Cameron Smith has his opinions, especially about consumerism and the environment. He expresses these opinions through essays he turns in as English assignments, often getting them back with the feedback that he needs to focus, stop ranting, and back up his points. Throughout the year, he tries to get over his ex-girlfriend, Sadie (they broke up over political differences--she thought building bike paths and getting petitions signed was the way to get things changed, he wants to, well, destroy all cars). While he hangs out at the library, scopes out other girls (who will never compare to Sadie), and reads classic political and environmental writings by the likes of Black Elk, Cameron refines his writing and learns that there are many ways to work to change things both within and outside of the system. His dad wants him to go to college, but Cameron has other ideas about how he wants to live his life and try to make a difference. Join Cameron as he spends some time figuring things out, writing about it, and (maybe) finally getting over Sadie. Check out the author's website, too!

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