by Kyousuke Motomi

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This series started me on a manga binge the likes of which usually only teenagers fall into. In it, the main character has lost her parents and, more recently, her brother and is being watched over by a mysterious person named Daisy. Who is Daisy? And what’s the story with the new school janitor with a Lolita complex? Hackers, heists, and secret identities make this a very exciting read. And can’t forget the romance. It is a shoujo manga after all. Take all this into account, and inhaling thirteen volumes won’t seem like anywhere near enough. Thankfully, more are coming. I would recommend this manga series to anyone who already enjoys manga, certainly, but it would also be a good introduction for someone who doesn’t have much experience with manga, as it includes a lot of the best and most exciting features and tropes that make the genre so unique.

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