by Richard Sala

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If you like dark graphic novels chock-full of menacing characters and a sinister undercurrent threading through the story, this one is for you!  Richard Sala turns the fairy tale of Snow White on its head with this modern-day story, taking cues from the original tale and retelling it from Prince Charming’s perspective.  The unnamed traveler is looking for his lost love, “Delphine,” whom he met in college.  They parted ways when he left to study abroad a year ago, but he has now returned and is anxious to locate her.  He tracks her down to the small village where she is from, and the story immediately turns dark and foreboding from there.  The man unwittingly plunges into one nightmarish event after another, narrowly escaping, only to become entangled in another sinister mishap.   Overall, Sala produces an intensely disturbing tale, mainly told through eerily menacing sepia-toned images, countering these with lighter-toned flashbacks of the relationship between the man and Delphine.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this book.   I was irritated with the unnamed traveler, as he seemed really self-involved and needy.  His motivation for finding Delphine seemed to be based solely on needing to somehow be validated by her, not genuine, unselfish love.   I did find the ending disturbing to a large degree and some of the images were just downright creepy.  If you like a really dark fairy tale to curl up with, this might work for you.

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