by Jaime Lee Moyer


Delia Martin has always seen ghosts. She tried to run from her cursed gift after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 killed both her parents and new ghosts swelled her city's streets, but a very persistent ghost has started to follow her everywhere, including her dreams, and Delia needs to know how her shadow died. Meanwhile, police detective Gabe Ryan is on the trail of a serial killer his dad chased thirty years before who has recently started killing again. When they are introduced through friends, Delia and Gabe realize that the fastest way to solve both their problems is to work together, as Delia's shadow is connected to Gabe's case in more ways than one.

Jamie Lee Moyer's first novel is intriguing in its historical setting and in a fair deal of its plot, but the pacing drags and the story becomes more predictable the closer it comes to the end. The many female characters rarely seem to actively do anything, leaving most of the footwork to Gabe and his partner, Jack (who also don't seem to do much to actually solve the case they're working on). The romantic subplot also felt somewhat less than earned. All that said, if I weren't so ambivalent about paranormal stories to begin with, I'd definitely go on to read the sequel, as there was enough promise to the characters and the setting to potentially make for a good series.

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