by Charlaine Harris

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The HBO series, True Blood​, based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, has been a very popular show for the last several seasons.  After having watched the first few seasons of True Blood, I wondered what Charlaine Harris's series would be like.  Would some of the characters be more likeable or believable?  Was very much changed from the books?  So I read Dead Until Dark, the first book in Harris's series.  If you liked the show, you will like the books.  The first one is very similar to the first season of the show.  Sookie Stackhouse, the main character, works at a bar in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and can read minds.  She feels different from everyone else, until Bill Compton, a vampire, moves to town.  As Sookie gets more involved with Bill and the vampire culture, murders in the small town also make life much different.  These murders are being blamed on the vampires.  Having just recently been admitted to society, vampires have a lot at stake (pun intended) if the murderer is one of them.  Sookie finds herself caught in the midst of the story's action, and tries to find the killer in this romantic, unique novel. 

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