by Alan Bradley

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This latest installment of the Flavia de Luce mystery series does not disappoint.   For those who don’t know the series, Flavia is a precocious almost-twelve-year-old girl with a penchant for chemistry (especially the making of poisons) and solving murders.  She lives at Buckshaw, a manor house that is the relic of more prosperous ages that is now slowly decaying around herself, her father and her two teenage sisters in 1950s England.  Her mother’s disappearance a decade ago spelled disaster not only for her family, but also for the estate. 

In this latest story, Flavia solves her most important mystery to date—the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance over the Alps when Flavia was only a year old.  I feel like I can’t discuss more of the plot without giving away spoilers, although I will say that Bradley centers this story around Flavia and her family and reveals much that was hinted at in the previous novels.  Flavia is her wonderful, snarky, brilliant self—at turns mature and childish—and always fiendishly clever.  A sidenote: if you prefer audiobooks, these are extremely well done!


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