by Chris F Holm

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Chris Holm introduces a John Constantine type of character here in Sam Thronton, his job is to collect souls, souls that are bound for a very specific place. This is not a cushy job, this job is a punishment for the sins Sam committed in life. Sam took a man's life and by doing so gave away his own eternity. Now as a collector he finds souls and relieves them of their flesh suits, when he touches a soul he sees/relives their whole life in just a few seconds and loses a bit of himself at the same time. Sam is not new to this game, he's been doing it for quite a few decades at this point. Which is why he knows something is up with his most recent job, the soul he touches isn't like anything he's ever seen and what he does next will incite a war. Perhaps a war to end all wars,... literally the end of everything.

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