by Haim (Musical group)

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A bluegrass-playing friend recommended Haim to me over a year ago, but when I played one of their tracks, I was so taken aback their immediately apparent non-bluegrass sound, that I quickly stopped it in disgust.  It was the musical equivalent to accidently putting anti-itch ointment on your toothbrush.  Although I'd heard their name mentioned numerous times since then it wasn't until NPR streamed their album that I decided to give it another shot.  This time with open ears and without assumptions, I loved it.  At times, it's heavily flavored with R&B grooves and Stevie Nicks inspired vocals.  Some songs suck me back to my childhood hearing my sister play Debbie Gibson and Tiffany albums through the bedroom walls.  In the end, it's something unique and deserving of the hype that lies ahead.

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