by Abigail Haas

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Looking for a fast-paced summer thriller? Dangerous Girls is it! Anna, Elise, and Tate are all privileged high schoolers enrolled in an elite Boston school. They decide, along with some other friends, to fly to Aruba for spring break, just as Anna and Tate's relationship starts to heat up.

Things are fun in a drunken, hazy sort of way, until Elise is stabbed to death in her room of their vacation mansion. Anna is arrested on suspicion of Elise's murder, and finds herself stuck in a foreign country with a prejudiced police inspector at the helm of the investigation. Deserted by her friends, isolated from the world she knows, Anna fights her way through the corrupt Aruba justice system as best as she can.

But when the truth of Elise's murder finally comes to light, it is more shocking than anyone had imagined.

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