by Niall Leonard

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 Being an avid book lover, I was hesitant to try to read this book in ebook format. I can't say that I particularly enjoyed reading it in a ebook format, but the ebook format is very user friendly which I can appreciate. 

All that aside, this is one of the best thrillers I have read in years. A word of caution though, this novel contains a fair amount if British slang, most of which people have probably heard at one time or another, but there are points at which it gets a little convoluted and dense if you are unfamiliar with the terms being used. However, like any good thriller, there is an intricate plot for the reader to wade through. You are taken on an exciting journey with many twists and turns, the only thing remaining constant is your growing fondness for Finn, the novel's protagonist. 

Crusher is a bleak, bittersweet tale that leaves you questioning why good things happen to bad people and vice versa, while also pushing you to question what makes someone "bad" or "good"  in the first place. I, for one, think this adds to the complex emotional backdrop. You feel for all the characters, not just the protagonist, so every event matters. Every page has depth, has meaning. None of it feels like fluff. 

Any reader that opens the pages will find themselves immersed deep into a London landscape, covering both seedy and trendy locations. The characters are rich and although you know most of them well by the harrowing conclusion, one knows that there is still so much that has been left unsaid. This book succeeds as a thriller because when you put the book down, you want to go investigate and leave no stone unturned. You have been a part of Finn's adventure, now you want to go have your own. 


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