by Marissa Meyer


The third installment of Meyer's Lunar Chronicles picks up right where Scarlet left off. Cinder, Captain Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf are on the run from Lunar forces and the Commonwealth army, while Queen Levana is plotting her marriage to (and subsequent murder of) Emperor Kai. Meanwhile, orbiting the earth in a satellite that has been her home/prison for seven years, is expert Lunar computer hacker, Cress. She's been trying to help Cinder in her plans to escape and overthrow Levana, but when an attempt to rescue Cress goes horribly awry, what can one sheltered girl with no Lunar gift do to help save two worlds?

Meyer's rebooted fairy tales are so enjoyable! Her characters are well written and interesting, her futuristic Earth is believable, her dialog is smart and funny, and her plots are intriguing and action-packed. She even manages to throw in a dash or two of charming romance. What's not to like?!

Reader, Rebecca Soler, does a fantastic job with this series. Her character voices are distinct and perfectly on target, regardless of gender. And her voice acting experience shows through in her pacing and emotion. I can't wait to hear her read the next book, Winter.


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