by Rebecca Hahn

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I don't know if it was a "stunning debut" but it was not bad. A little slow to start, a little slow to continue and then a rush to the end that felt strange. But among all this pacing shenanigans there was a pretty little story about love, loss, identity, independence, expectations, revenge versus acceptance and maturity. Not as riveting as Seraphina though I can understand the comparisons, not as politically complex as Bitterblue.

Marni or Tulip depending on who's talking has lived a quiet life, growing flowers for the kingdom in a cottage in a small village living with her grandfather. Things have always been peaceful but now that she is growing up she is beginning to attract a lot of attention and not just because she has become a lovely young lady, no, but because of her resemblance to the king. Turns out Marni (or Tulip) isn't a flowergirl, she's the princess. In this kingdom where magic is denied, feared and believed it (i know that's complicated right?) Marni (OR Tulip :D) is also perhaps the daughter of the Dragon. THE Dragon... The Dragon who controls the woods that sometimes steal girls. Long story short, this book is a decent read, recommended for people who like traditional fantasy, medieval settings (horses and swords), and dragons.

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