by Nate Cosby

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10 year old Nate is a bounty hunter in the old west. It seems his targets are members of his own family who he wants to bring to justice for his own ill treatment at their hands. Boyd will stop at nothing to get his man, including using violence and shooting people with his gun shaped like a hobby horse. The violence is portrayed in a serious manner, and not cartoonishly over the top which might have been more appropriate for the intended audience, if such a thing can ever be appropriate.  Boyd’s story is told in sections interrupted by short stories written by guest authors that seem to cover every clichéd western storyline ever invented, and become a way to interject unfunny underwear and fart jokes into the book.  The book’s comedic (?)  tone is also interrupted by serious racial issues that aren’t handled very well either.  The cover and subject matter look appealing to kids who might like graphic novels. It’s too bad the strangely paced and wildly uneven emotional tone doesn’t back it up. I feel like the author was aiming for a Forgiven type western for kids, but missed the mark.

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