by Garth Nix

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Khmeri is a Prince of the Empireone of ten thousand. Taken from his parents as a baby, genetically modified and altered with fancy tech, Khmeri is no longer human. When Khmeri ascends to his full powers, he learns that everything he was taught to expect of the Empire isn't entirely correct. He's conscripted into the Navy where he learns how to fight, hack tech, and survive. As Khmeri learns more about how the empire really works, he's thrust into a situation he really doesn't want to be in -- or does he? The gadgets and technology in this book are really cool and imaginative -- there's tech that you grow instead of manufacture and a kind of innate ability to control mechanical objects. This is one of the coolest sci-fi books I've read in a while. If you liked the Abhorsen trilogy or the Keys to the Kingdom series, you will love this.

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