by S. A. (Stephanie A.) Bodeen

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Eli and his family have been living underground in a steel and concrete bunker (albeit one with lots of luxuries) for years. They entered the compound to escape the coming nuclear attack, and are still mourning the loss of Eli's twin brother, Eddy, and their grandmother, who didn't make it in before the door shut, not to be opened for 15 years. Life in the compound has its routines–study, exercise, read, chores. Dad stocked the place with thousands of movies and music cds. But some things have started to go wrong. Poison grain has killed their livestock–no more eggs and milk. Temperature sensors have failed and ruined much of their other frozen food. It won't be enough for 15 years. Other strange happenings make Eli wonder if they really need to be in the compound at all. And his father's survival ideas are getting scarier every day. What is really going on outside, and will they ever escape the compound?

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