by Eric Schlosser

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I didn't read much nonfiction until I started working for the library, but now I can't seem to get enough of it. I highly recommend Command and Control, for three reasons.

First, the subject: America's nuclear weapons development and programs. I knew next to nothing about the subject, so it was interesting to learn about 70+ years of weapons development and deployment. What really kept me drawn in were the descriptions of the accidents and bureaucratic idiocy that have occurred since we built the first atomic bomb. I really have no idea how we are all alive right now.

Second, the tone of the book: it reads like a thriller. A lot of this book is the history of nuclear weapons, but it doesn't come across like a history book or textbook. There's also a story about a specific Titan II ICBM accident woven throughout the book, which really ratchets up your interest in specific individuals.

Third, the reader: Scott Brick. I listened to this book on CD, and Scott Brick is an excellent reader. In fact, I'm tempted to look for books he has read, based only upon that one criterion.



You sold me. I'm going to grab this one!

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