by Holly Black

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After a full blown epidemic of vampirism swept across America and the rest of the world, vampires are accepted as just another danger of modern life. Most are quarantined in Coldtowns, but Tana knows the danger is real. One morning she wakes up after a sundown party to find her friends from the party all slaughtered by vampires. The only other survivor is her ex-boyfriend, Aiden, and a strange vampire chained in the bedroom. Not able to let one more person in her life die, Tana rescues them both. 

Aiden, and possibly herself, have been infected. They are turning cold and the only safe option is to surrender themselves into a nearby Coldtown. Once inside, Tana must continue to fight for survival in the anarchy of Coldtown and deal with her undeniable attraction to the mysterious vampire.


This is far from your ordinary supernatural romance, so even if you are tired of reading about vampires, don’t pass this book by! Packed with more action than romance, Tana’s bravery and determination dominate the book and the author’s take on how the world would handle a vampire outbreak  is original while keeping true to classic vampire tales. 

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