by Holly Black

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Holly Black has done the impossible: imagined a new way for vampires to live in our world. This unique, compelling and provoking novel really tackles vampires in a whole new way. Vampires have been around forever but due to an uncontrolled new vampire their presence has been revealed to the world. Now the United States fights to control the vampire population by forcing vampires and anyone infected into walled cities known as Coldtowns. Within these walls debauchery and poverty war with each other, glamour and filth reside side by side and are broadcast for the titillation of the world. When Tara awakes after a party to a house full of corpses she finds she is the only living survivor and her ex-boyfriend has been infected. Now in a race to save his life she flees with him to the nearest Coldtown, bringing with them the mysterious Gavriel a vampire they found chained and abandoned in the house. Full of love and jealousy, action and terror this book was an incredibly fun read!


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