by Craig Johnson

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The strong sense of place in this book's Wyoming setting reminds me of Tony Hillerman's mystery series set on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners area - both bring the landscape to life and make me feel I am actually there with the characters, really seeing what they are seeing and experiencing what they are experiencing.  The inclusion of Native American culture and belief are also reminiscent of Hillerman.  Sheriff Walt Longmire is an immensely likable character, slightly flawed yet extraordinarily strong, surprisingly sensitive yet tough as nails, and the other characters are just as charming, interesting, and lovable.  Even though I do not know much about guns and ballistics, I was still drawn into the story and intrigued by (though ignorant of) the use of both to move the mystery along, especially the history involving one special gun in particular.  I like Longmire's thoughts as he is perusing the assortment of firearms at the local sporting goods store, "Some of them might be good, some of them might be bad, but there was no way to tell until somebody picked them up."  How apropos for someone in law enforcement facing both sides of this particular coin.

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