by Elizabeth Wein

Reviewer Rating:


The performance of this audiobook was excellent.  The narrators did such a great job of bringing to life the two main characters—Queenie/Julie, a Special Operations Executive, and Maddie, an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot.  Set in Britain and Nazi-occupied France during World War II, the story revolves around these two young women and their, at first, unlikely friendship, considering they would never have met in the usual circumstances considering their backgrounds, but the war has turned social hierarchy on its head.  At the beginning of this story, Queenie has been captured by the Gestapo and is being tortured.  We learn the history of the friendship between her and Maddie in the form of her “confession” as well as other details related to the war that she is supposed to be giving to her captors.  Then half-way, the narrator switches to Maddie’s perspective and the pacing of the story picks up and practically races to its mind-blowing end.   It started slow at first, but the hints and clues that are threaded into the storyline will keep your interest—and keep you guessing at what is real and what is make-believe—until the end.  Overall, I thought it was a beautiful book about loyalty, friendship and courage.


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