by Vera Nazarian

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In a fictional, Renaissance-era, European country, Death wants a wife and, until he finds her, he's calling a halt to taking souls.  Oh, you can still die, as demonstrated by dismembered soldiers, assassinated princesses and butchered animals, but the spirit remains in your animated corpse.  Despite appearances, this is not a zombie tale, as these living dead still think, still remember themselves, and still look forward to an uncertain future.  What will happen when Death finds his bride?  By imperial command, young women head north to Death's stronghold, in hopes that he'll choose one of them and let life - and death - return to normal.  Their journey and the obstacles faced along the way make for a fine wintertime read.  This is a fire-lit story for sure!  And the villain?  There must be one, and there is, but it's not Death.  Lurking in the northern woods, between the prospective brides and Death, is a newly-dead warlord who will do anything to continue his existence, even as a corpse...

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