by Sophie McKenzie

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Geniver Loxley lost her baby at birth eight years ago, and her life seemed to have stopped that day.  She goes through the motions--being married to a successful husband, teaching part-time at a nearby college, and still trying to get pregnant again--but normal life has lost its meaning since that fateful day.  Until one morning, when a stranger rings Gen's doorbell and tells her that her baby did not, in fact, die. 

Gen is overwhelmed.  She cannot believe a stranger would lie about such a devastating event, but simultaneously cannot wrap her mind around the possibility that her baby might yet be alive.  But when the stranger is killed in a hit and run accident, Gen begins to suspect that the story may be true. 

The audio version of this novel was compelling in large part because of the reader.  The narrative itself was a bit repetitive, and the heroine surprisingly slow to make sense of the mystery surrounding her.  The plot twist at the end, though believable, came a bit too late; the lack of complexity and growth within the characters was similarly disappointing.  Still, the audio kept my attention during my commute to work, and I'd recommend it for that reason.


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